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Coastal Outdoor Spaces is an Annapolis fence company and so much more.

The Coastal Look

Coastal Outdoor Spaces has been helping homeowners in the Annapolis area improve their outdoor living spaces for years. The Coastal Look is a great way to make a dramatic improvement to your property and Brandon Stewart is an expert in this style. As a long-time Annapolis fence builder, we build fencing of all kinds, but we also do much more than other fence companies. Our services include decks, patios, landscape design, planting, stone and masonry work, and building a wide array of structures such as screened porches, sunrooms, and gazebos.

The Coastal Look is a popular trend and a traditional style for outdoor living spaces, which evokes a nautical feel often associated with shore living, the beach, harbor views, lakeside properties, river communities, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, fishing, sailing, pleasure cruising and a water-oriented lifestyle. We can incorporate this look into any project, large or small. When we consult, design, and build Coastal style outdoor living spaces for our clients, we take into account their personal tastes and marry them with industry-standard best practices. Landscape design, architecture, and color are key elements when creating Coastal Outdoor Spaces.

Fence Photo Gallery

Homeowners build fences on their property for many reasons. When designing an outdoor living space, a fence can add so much style and personality – in addition to all the practical aspects. As your Annapolis fence builder, we will bring years of customer feedback to help design the best fence for you.

Good Fences: Privacy and Protection

Fences improve curb appeal, security, and can provide much-needed privacy for many homes. “Good fences make good neighbors” is an often-used phrase and it can apply to many situations. Before you decide on a fence style, it may be a good idea to talk with your neighbors about the project – if nothing else than to warn them that there will be a lot of activity next door. Getting your neighbor’s feedback can actually help make them feel good about the changes as well. They may even have some creative ideas for you. If the overall goal is for privacy, then they may appreciate their new found privacy as well. With a good solid barrier between you and others, there is no confusion about what is your property. For protection for your loved ones and pets, a fence is one of the best additions you can make as a deterrent to crime. A strong fence, no matter what the material, is one more obstacle between your home and unwanted attention. For pool owners, a sturdy fence is absolutely essential to keep neighborhood children from accessing your property when no one is home.

We want to be your Annapolis fence company. Our pricing is reasonable and competitive. Our team is dedicated to providing the best customer service and we believe service is just as important as the quality of the materials we use. Part of our superior service includes exploring multiple options throughout the design process so you can make informed decisions.

Contact us for a full consultation so we can make your vision a reality.

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